Features of Kinu

Low power consumption CPU, but a superior real-time performance

High real-time performance has been achieved even with a low-frequency clock CPU and smaller memory usage.
It is possible to configure a real-time system even in a power-saving system with a low-frequency clock.

Conform to IEEE1003.13 Standards

Conforms to POSIX Realtime thread API.
With adoption of the world-class standard API, middleware is available worldwide.
Competent programmers can be recruited from any location in the world.
* AXE,Inc. is an official member of the Open Group, which develops the "POSIX (IEEE1003 series)".

Multi OS will make it possible to handle multiple APIs simultaneously (Under Development)

The APIs of µiTRON and XTAL can be used simultaneously.
Inter-process communication between a µiTRON task and an XTAL task is possible.

Multi-core support

Multi-core support scheduling.
In an SMP configuration system, the core migration is scheduled.

RealView compiler can be selected in the development environment

When ARM's CPU is used, RVDS (integrated development environment including the RealView compiler), which is a genuine development tool of ARM, can be selected.
* GNU development tool is provided for other CPUs.

Full range of option software

AXE-TCP Internet Protocol, DOSFS, UNIX compatible library and X Window for RTOS are available.